Press Release: Brussels Attack 3/22/16

Salafi Muslims of Worcester Massachusetts Condemn the Recent Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

Worcester Massachusetts (March 22nd, 2016) – The Salafi Masjid of Worcester Massachusetts declare their unequivocal condemnation and indignation at the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in Brussels, Belgium today resulting in the death of 20 innocent people and the injuries to an additional 130 at the time of this writing.

Salafist scholars of Saudi Arabia, who serve as the highest authority on the Islamic faith throughout much of the Muslim world, have stated time and time again that these crimes are a violation of our faith.

’Abd al-’Aziz Al-Shaykh, the current Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia said concerning ISIS and al-Qaeda, “The ideas of extremism, radicalism and terrorism … have nothing to do with Islam and (their proponents) are the enemy number one of Islam.”

The Salafist scholar, Muhammad b. Salih al-’Uthaymin warned Muslims against the ideology of the terrorists in a lecture to British Muslims in July of 2000, “Do not be fooled by those sayings of the foolish people : those who say: ‘Those people are Non-Muslims, so their wealth is lawful for us [i.e. to misappropriate or take by way of murder and killing].’ For by Allah – this is a lie. It is A lie about Allah’s religion (i.e. Islam).”

Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars issued a verdict saying, “Such bombings are public displays of violating the sanctity of the basic rights that are well-known to be held sacred by Islam: the sanctity of innocent people, the sanctity of wealth, of safety and security, the lives of people safe and secure in their dwellings, and the sanctity of comfort. It infringes upon public well-being without which no people can live. What an enormous and horrible crime someone has committed against the sanctities of Allah, of transgression against His servants, and terrorizing Muslims and others living among them!”

They further stated, “It’s an obligation on anyone and everyone who knows anything about these corruptors that they report it to the appropriate authorities.”

The Salafi Masjid of Worcester Massachusetts has been at the forefront of openly condemning terrorist attacks whose perpetrators falsely claim as Islamic. We plan to conduct more outreach within our community and to raise more awareness about the true position of the Islamic faith towards such heinous crimes.

The Salafi Masjid
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