The Evil Effects of Magic

Masjid Salafi and Masjid Umar will be hosting an event entitled The Evil Effects of Magic on the Individual and Society with Saeed Rhana. We will be learning about the harms of this evil practice, some of its common symptoms, means found in the authentic sunnah as protection from it, and remedies from the authentic Sunnah to cure it.

We have confirmed a tele-link with Shaykh Abdullah al-Adani. It will commence after salat ul-jumu’ah in shaa Allah, followed by Q and A.

We have rented a separate hall for sisters adjacent to the masjid. There will be a separate entrance and ample space in shaa Allah. The masjid will be closed to sisters starting from jumu’ah.

Please note: the durus will be held at Masjid Salafi for Friday only. Saeed will be giving khutbat ul-Jumuah at 1:00 in sha Allah. Then we will hold the telelink, and lectures will then start after asr (5:00). Saturday and Sundays lectures will be held at Masjid Umar ibn al-Khattab, 2017 Main St, Hartford, CT. Saturdays lectures will start after dhuhr (1:00) in shaa Allah.

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