The Masjid

The Salafi Masjid of Massachusetts was opened upon the advice of the Students of Knowledge in the West. The goal being to open a masjid wherein the religion of Islam would be learned and practiced just as it was understood and practiced by the Companions of Allah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم (May Allah raise his rank and grant him peace). May Allah grant us success.

The masjid is open for the five daily prayers, this schedule can be found on the homepage. Please note, though the origin of the masjid is to remain open, the masjid is normally locked between prayers for various reasons. During adverse weather conditions, the masjid may combine prayers and/or inform the people to pray in their homes.

Jumu’ah prayer is established every Friday at 1:00 year-round. All sermons read on Jumu’ah are transcriptions of sermons delivered by qualified Students of Knowledge, or translations (reviewed by Students) of sermons delivered by the Scholars of Islam. The ‘eid prayers are also established, and the sermons are likewise transcribed or translated.

The community gathers to benefit from the recorded lessons in the English language of qualified Students of Knowledge twice a week, the schedule for these gatherings can be found under the classes section of the website. Though we do not have a resident Student, the masjid tries to organize live lessons with Students whenever the Students are able to visit our community.

Masjid Administration

The role of the administration, with aid of Allah, is to facilitate the running of the masjid, to look after the needs of the community, and to maintain ties to the known and qualified Students of Knowledge. Any rules set forth by the administration, are done with the intention of removing harm from the masjid and its community, and are done so after consultation with the Students. The administration is comprised of laymen/general people; all affairs pertaining to the Da’wah (the call to Allah) return to the Students of Knowledge here in the West, and likewise to the Scholars whenever Allah makes it easy for us to do so.

Please read our masjid policy (PDF) regarding the rules and regulations of the masjid. This policy was copied from a masjid of Ahlus-Sunnah under the leadership of a qualified Student. Any additions to the original document have been cleared with the Students likewise.

Please note, the administration relies heavily upon the Students due to the fact there are no Scholars present within our lands to return to. Likewise, the Students are those who have the best connection with the Scholars and ability to bring specific issues to them for clarification when necessary.